Quit Smoking – Smoking cigarettes seems to worsen just about every known health condition, including low back pain. Likely because smoking hinders blood circulation, experts assert that smokers are 30 percent more likely to suffer from back pain than non-smokers.

Get Up and Move – Whether behind a wheel, in front of a computer or just watching TV, sitting for extended periods of time is one of the worst positions for the low back. The spinal discs are spongy and cushion the vertebrae, but they naturally have poor blood supply. Upon getting up and moving, fluid circulates around the discs. On the other hand, sitting starves the discs of fluid making them vulnerable to damage.

Stretch and Strengthen Core Muscles – Most physicians agree that regular stretching and strengthening of the core muscles constitute the most important lifestyle practices for preventing back pain. Advise clients in a safe stretch and strengthen program with a focus on back, abdominal, oblique and leg muscles.

Lift Properly – Those who lift heavy objects for a living are well aware of the importance of body mechanics, but the rest of us may not be. Always engage abdominal muscles during a lift, bend the knees, keep back straight, don’t bend at the waist, keep object close to the body, do not hold an item higher than armpits or lower than knees, don’t move something over 20 percent of your body weight, don’t pivot, twist or turn while lifting, point feet at the item being lifted, and only change direction with the feet (not the waist). These instructions will help prevent back muscles from being strained.

Wear Back-Friendly Shoes – Supportive, low-heeled or flat shoes are crucial for preventing back injury. Although high heels may be high fashion, they increase the arch in the low back. This spinal alignment change increases one’s susceptibility to low back injury.

Soothing bath…After a heavy physical activity, either work or sports related, a good way to let the body unwind is a relaxing bath with epsom salts. I’ve found approximately 2 (two) cups is great. And this can also be done after a massage to only give greater benefits to that massage. Done with a half-hour in this relaxing water, just can’t say enough about the results

Get that knot out of your neck…
There’s no one around to help you get the knot out of your neck. You’ve been sitting at the computer for entirely too long. What are you to do? Keep a small towel in the office for just this occasion. Wet the towel and microwave for 1 ½ minutes on high. Reach in very carefully to see if it’s hot enough. Wrap the towel around your neck and sit back for a minute. Once comfortably sitting, begin to stretch your neck by lowering your head for 10 seconds in each of these positions: forward, left, and right. Remove the towel, take the palms of both hands and rub in a circular motion on both sides of the neck for 30 seconds.

 Self-help and prevention for Posture

  • Adjust your posture. If your shoulders appear slumped, straighten them out without “squaring” them. They should be relaxed and even in alignment with your collarbone.
  • Sitting erect with lumbar support. This keeps the shoulders back
  • Use ice and heat accordingly to relieve pain and decrease stiffness. You may ice more than once per day if desired based on pain. Start with ice to reduce inflammation especially after increased activity (work or play) then heat and always end with ice.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure 

  • Stretching effectively stretch opens the tissues, be consistent
  • Yes to achieve proper balance,  regular exercise causes muscles to enlarge and be more resistant to fatigue. It’s important to note to begin any strength training or work out muscles should be healthy not stiff .
  • Massage but the right kind that helps your body adapt to the changes that can correct postural distortions
  • Get enough sleep, Don’t skip meals, Exercise, Reduce stress, RELAX

Become much more aware of clenching your jaw muscles:
Get a clean cork from a wine bottle. Put it between your front teeth sideways and leave it there as you cook dinner, watch TV, or read. If your jaw is really tight, you may need to slice the cork in half (vertically) at first. You shouldn’t feel that your jaw is being stretched open, just that you are creating a little distance between your top and bottom teeth and giving your jaw muscles a rest. Try it at first for five minutes, then see if you can work up to more. Over time, you’ll become much more aware of clenching your jaw muscles and you’ll know how it feels not to do it.


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