About me

Mara Nicandro NMTWhat this blog is about is giving a voice to people searching to make effective changes in their lives that keeps them healthy and happy. It’s a paradigm shift that I feel is happening now, people are realizing that they have to take responsibility for their health and happiness instead of relying on the established health care system. I am an advocate for natural health and will be writing about women, aging and my 2¢ on finding balance in lifestyle, nutrition and your body during and after the transition into holistic health.

Born and raised northwest side of Chicago, left in the early 90’s to the south and I ended up in Texas. I am now located in the wicker park neighborhood of Chicago helping clients reconnect with their bodies with structural balance therapy, my website is NMTforHealth and I am taking new clients.

How do I help my clients  
Well, with compassion and understanding I work on applying protocols to help you overcome the pattern of weakness, tension and compensation that often feels like you hit a stubborn wall that you can’t get past in your muscle rehab efforts. Read what I am passionate about and my philosophy on life and health balance.

Who are my client
I work with Engineers, Teachers, Athletes etc. those who have neck, shoulder and back pain to frozen shoulder and TMJ syndrome. From sitting in front of the computers more than 8 hours a day to dealing with strain in your work out routine to chronic pain sufferers.

I enjoy making a one-on-one connection and forming a bond of trust with my clients. I am always learning and growing and consider it a life long journey to share. My passion is to help you improve your quality of life!

Chicago Love
What can I say about Chicago it’s my kinda town Chicago is, what a city.

Blogging since 2010
I appreciate your comments and suggestions. You can also stay connected join me on facebook or twitter.

By no means least, I am a proud mother of 2 which are grown. Going through empty nest syndrome but have 2  pups that are in the nest now as replacements. Are you from Chicago? Let’s connect!




Mara Nicandro
Board Certified NeuroMuscular Therapist


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