Improve your posture the easy way you need to be worried about back pain? When you are young and your joints are strong, poor posture usually doesn’t cause pain or limit mobility. As you get older, however, if poor posture goes uncorrected, you begin to feel the effects on your joints. It will become more difficult to sit for long periods or to stand up from a sitting position. You may gradually lose some of the flexibility in your joints and start to feel pain in your joints making the effects of poor posture continue to worsen with time.

Prevent back pain and keep your spine healthy and happy! 

1. Specifically exercise your abs and back. If your back and abdominal muscles are not in good shape, additional pressure can be put on the spine, which is already under the stress of supporting your entire body. When these muscles are well maintained they help support the spine reduces the chance of injury.

  • I am an avid yoga enthusiast and the Cobra Pose first thing in the morning is used to strengthen the spine and buttocks as well as stretch the chest, shoulders, and abdomen. The Sanskrit name of the Cobra Pose, Bhujangasana, comes from the words bhujanga, meaning serpent, and asana, meaning posture. Strength and flexibility are important components of a healthy back.

2. Sit up straight—with support.

At home, stop slouching! When slouching, the spine is curved unnaturally (your center of gravity is displaced) forces accumulate on specific areas, neck or middle or lower areas. Once more the whole system of muscles that are activated into a suspended, springy support (if you use yourself well) are also ‘turned off’ so that you require more muscular effort to keep yourself upright and on balance. This in turn puts more pressure on ‘parts’ of you, notably the spine.
At work the right office chair plays an important role in promoting good posture and supporting the natural curves of your back. In addition to a comfortable chair, most experts recommend getting up to stretch and walk around every 20 to 30 minutes

This article is from my practice website you can 3 more ways,  read more


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