What happens when you have a hormonal imbalance?

Paul Chek 1

3 chief culprits of female hormone issues according to Dr. Daniel Kalish: EMOTIONAL STRESS (such as death, divorce, etc within a year or two of loss), DIETARY STRESS (sugar, excess carbs, food sensitivities, eating too much (even healthy foods)), stress from PAIN OR INFLAMMATION (hidden inflammation, chronic infections in gut, which causes them to be fat, frazzled, and tired). While we can’t always control emotional stress, and inflammation (gut issues) can occur no matter how diligent we are, there are some things we can control:

Take time to control and manage stress, control your blood sugar by eating REAL food, and listen to your body and find a practitioner that knows how to check early warning signs (symptoms) of issues that are occurring before they get out of control. Having hormone imbalance is not fun. It can cause anxiety, depression, thyroid issues, weight gain, emotional instability, inability to deal with stress, etc.

Dr. Dan Kalish and others are part of the female hormone solution event so grab your seat: http://www.thefemalehormonesolution.com/

Here is a sneak peak to Dr. Libby Weaver PhD talking about Rushing woman’s syndrome: http://www.thefemalehormonesolution.com/sneak-preview/


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