The most common cause of tension headaches.

Headache relief with self massageWhy is the base of your skull important? Did you know that trigger points in the… suboccipital muscle group are the most common cause of tension headaches? With sustained poor posture, tiny muscles in the back of your head called suboccipital muscles can cause you pain. The occipital muscles are a group of muscles that are named because of their attachment to the base of the skull, the occipital bone. The larger, superficial muscles function to bend the neck backward, while the smaller, deeper muscles stabilize the skull on the spine against gravitational forces. Along with lots of other neck muscles, the suboccipital group — usually just called “the suboccipitals” — work overtime to keep your head balanced on top of your spine. The weight of the skull is not evenly distributed over the spine, and thus, it naturally falls forward. The occipital muscles keep the head in its proper, up-right position. When the occipital muscles are overworked, they tighten. These muscles never stop working!

STRETCHING allows the muscles to relax and reduces the tension. To stretch, stand with your back and head against a wall. Make sure your shoulder blades, buttocks and calves are touching the wall. Slowly tuck your chin down, toward your chest. Hold for 30 seconds and repeat three to five times per day.

Under the back of the skull must be the single most popular massage target in the human body. No other patch of muscle gets such rave reviews. It has everything: deeply relaxing and satisfying sensations, and a dramatic therapeutic relevance to one of the most common of all human pains, the common tension headache If there is any one group of muscles to get massaged regularly, this is the one!

Thanks Little touch of Therapy

Mara Nicandro NMT
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