5 ways Neuromuscular Therapy will improve your workouts

1. Neuromuscular Therapy is a comprehensive approach to assessing muscular imbalances. Having proper muscle balance keeps your joints healthy, eliminates pain, and makes your exercise program safe. Your program should address proper foundations of movement, including posture, muscle balance, strength and flexibility.

2. Joint mobility – through stretching, isometric, and muscle release techniques, help to increase the body’s ability to function within normal parameters.

3. Avoiding injuries – the therapeutic effects help minimize the chance of receiving an injury. For instance, overIliotibial Band Syndrome time, muscles can tighten and shorten which increases the risk of muscle, ligament, and tendon strains. Regular sessions help keep muscles and tissues loose and flexible decreasing the risk of strain and tears.  This will optimize muscle and ligament health and relieve muscle stiffness and tension. You can avoid running, cycling, pilates, yoga injuries.

4. You will understand your body better – Discover where imbalances and compensatory patterns have developed.

Help for elbow pain5. It keeps you working out – Using bad form is bad news when you’re strength training, not only does it diminish results but it can also lead to injury.

The goal of any practitioner should be to help you find out where imbalance lies and help improve them to keep you pain-free and symptom-free.

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