“I could hardly walk and was in constant pain,” How you can facilitate healing.

Most over the counter medicine merely mask symptoms, they almost never deal with the reasons why you’re dealing with muscular pain and they can create new problems. 

Read and view one of my new clients experience with initial treatment.

” I had a sudden onset of pain in both knees and my entire back, the doctor labeled it “post viral infection” for lack of a better diagnosis. I could hardly walk and was in constant pain.  Initially I was taking prescription strength alleve, flexeril (muscle relaxant), and hydrocodone every day.

A friend who has been a client of Mara’s for years referred me to her,  I noticed significantly less pain and hope it continues to improve. Less stiffness and increased range of motion and ease of movement in my neck. NeuroMuscular therapy has improved my lifestyle and well-being, now, I don’t have to take the over the counter of prescribed medicines daily.  I only take them if necessary which is less and less frequently. I can walk and move normally now, I still have some pain in my lower back and leg, but that is getting better.

Also I have great expectations for the future with regard to migraines that have always plagued me. I know Mara can help with that too! I have already given two people her name and number.” J.P. Speech language pathologist and  mom, McKinney Texas 2011.  Thanks Jennifer I am grateful to you for sharing your story.

Pain can take over your life, don’t rely only on pain-killers, the way to overcome pain is to do something about it. There is nothing wrong with taking pain killing drugs prescribed by your doctor, temporarily, but you can become dependent on them if you take them continuously. 

How do you reduce dependence on pain medication,  one way is with NeuroMuscular therapy this compassionate support for your body can sustain you through difficult experiences and facilitate healing and serves as a supportive addition to both traditional and nontraditional medical treatments.

Share your story, what have you done to improve and have a pain-free life.  Your story may help someone else find the answer they have been looking for.

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