Heel thy pain! Are you over pronating your foot?

Let’s discuss about a problem you may or may not realize you have that can lead to pain in your future. It’s a very common injury about 75% of americans experience foot health problems at one point in their lives. To look at them you wouldn’t know it, each foot has 26 bones, 33 joints, 107 ligaments and 19 muscles. The injury is called over-pronation of the feet.

In normal walking or running the first part of the foot to strike the ground is usually the heel. As a person’s body weight is transferred to the middle of  the foot, the arch of the foot will naturally flatten out a small amount. This flattening is called pronation. If your foot flattens more than is normal, it is called over-pronation. 

This can cause many problems, such as Achilles tendonitis and heel pain, I have written about one of them  plantar fasciitis and can contribute to knee problems.

Some reasons it occurs,  looseness in the ligaments or tendons that attach to your foot bones, if you have flat feet. The most likely reason for this type of problem is a result from injuries, excessive stress and pressure on the soft tissue of the foot, read about lower cross syndrome. Lastly, your guessed it overuse. A good video example so you can visualize what happens to your foot when you over-pronate, check out runnersworld.com

So how do you know you have this problem and who diagnoses it? Your first clue, your feet constantly ache, you could feel pain in your arch, heel, shin, ankle, knee, hip, or even your back.  Your doctor can confirm it by examining your feet and watching you walk. He or she will notice the motion of your feet when they strike the ground isn’t normal. Another way to tell is your running shoes or shoes may show an abnormal pattern of wear and tear.

Treatment and Preventing it. Your physician will most likely prescribe custom-made arch supports called orthotics. These are usually made by making a mold of your feet and can be in my opinion costly. So what should you do to prevent future pain and injury? Being aware of your body, how you move, run, walk etc… exercise, yoga and massage therapy, overall keeping fit and healthy.  

How does massage therapy help over-pronation?  By addressing underlying problem correction, assessing and fixing biomechanical flaws of the muscles of the calves, feet and whole body. Read more about Neuro Muscular Therapy,  I like to say it’s the natural or organic approach to your condition.

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Thank you for sharing,
Mara Nicandro NMT



3 thoughts on “Heel thy pain! Are you over pronating your foot?

  1. Hello, I have become aware of a problem with my right foot. I am 5’11, 3– pounds and need arch support. I am also on Celebrex for plantar fisicitis (Spelling), for some reasom I walk on the side of my right foot. I noticed it recently when a new pair of work shoes I bought, Dr. Shouls brand, were really getting in bad shape after only 4 months. And my foot hurts on the right side of my right foot, but only in my work shoes. I want to get a new pair, but feel I need some kind of insert to help me walk correctly. Any suggestions?

    1. Good question, a couple things consider to help answer it. What do you do at work, arch pain can often occur as a result of overuse like walking. Another thing to consider is body alignment I wrote about what could be happening lower cross syndrome https://maranicandronmt.wordpress.com/2011/02/20/low-back-pain-cant-find-relief-find-out-why/ a few suggestions to help you with the pain, your doctor probably already suggested place ice packs on your arch especially after work. You could tape your arch or using an extra arch support in your shoe may give you the support you need. If all else fails orthotics may do the trick and your doctor can prescribe those but check out my article. You inspired my to write another article on stretching that you can do for arch pain. One you could do, Sit on a hard surface with leg on the injured side stretched out in front of you. Loop a towel around the ball of your foot and pull the twel toward your body, stretching the back of your calf muscle. Hold for 30 seconds and repeat 3 times. Hope that helps

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