Shoulder Injuries! Early intervention is one of the best forms of treatment!

Mara Nicandro NMT specializing in pain management

This is a piggy back to my earlier article on Shoulder Injuries . Many injuries are related to prolonged held position, using bad posture when sitting and repetitive movements at work. There are several things you can do to improve and reduce your risk of shoulder injuries.

  • When sitting, sit in a supportive chair with your butt back as far as possible in the seat and your thigh fully supported by the seat.Proper Sitting in front of computer
  • Place your monitor directly in front of you at fingertips reach.
  • Look straight at your monitor; eyes should be level with the toolbar.
  • Bend your elbows and knees 90 degrees.
  • Support your feet on the floor or on a footstool.
  • Take breaks (get up) and exercise for several minutes every hour.
  • Follow proper lifting techniques, many companies have safe work practices designed to prevent shoulder injuries.
  • Use care when positioning the body before even mild exertion during lifting. Face the object to be lifted , and keep the back as straight as possible by bending and using legs for lifting power.
  • Don’t reach to place or retrieve heavy objects stored up high; use a stable platform or a step stool.
  • Know when you need rest and relaxation during non-working hours and keep physical fit to avoid strains and sprains.
  • And yes Clinical Massage as in Neuromuscular Therapy is the perfect facilitator of prevention and healing,  compensations become habitual and deeply ingrained. You certainly don’t mean to or want to, but you tend to unconsciously and automatically keep compensating with the wrong muscles. The appropriate treatment helps with reducing compensation patterns that you will develop.

  • This is a big point bringing work home with you, yes working for hours on your laptop, either on your couch or on the floor is really not ideal but we’re all guilty of doing this. Avoid it as much as you can.

Did I miss anything? Any suggestions to add to the list that has worked for you? Feel free and share by adding a comment.

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