Feel thirsty, suffering from dry skin? The most common signs of mild dehydration.

Water, water and water, the holiday’s are here and with it comes all the good eats! We will forget one vital element that is necessary to all, water. The weather change also brings all the layers needed to stay warm but failure to replenish liquids will cause our body to loose water from overheating. Your workout’s,  sweating away those holiday pounds can lead to excess lose of water. We need more H2O,  so if you’re not already aware here are a few tips to look out for.

Most common signs of mild dehydration:
Extra Thirst
Dry Skin
Achy muscles and joints
Lower back pain
These are not all the signs and for more severe symptoms please consult your doctor.

Simply, replenish what is lost through out the day, every body is different and only you will know how much water you need to be at your best. A general rule or guide would be to drink water with every meal, that’s right water not soda, juice or sugary drinks.  In between meals is also recommended, you want to try to avoid becoming thirsty. If you wait by the time you feel thirsty you may already be dehydrated.

I hope this will be a helpful reminder for you all, it has been for me. Have you experienced any symptoms of mild dehydration before and what did you do?

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