Here are a few self care tips, to keep you sane this holiday.

Wow, where did the time go? The holiday season is here!  This year we have had our ups and downs, the worry of the economy, the war, how busy we have become.  Not to add to the stress but we are now in the season of giving and it’s time to find the perfect gift so that means shopping and dealing with the crowds.

 Here are a few self-care tips, to keep you sane this season.

1. Prepare: we can’t make a day longer than 24hrs so what do we do? Make a list before you go shopping.

2. Don’t like crowds, take a deep breath “Breathing from your diaphragm oxygenate your blood, which helps you relax almost instantly,” says Robert Cooper, Ph.D., the San Francisco coauthor of The Power of 5 (Rodale Press, 1996), a book of five-second and five-minute health tips.

3. Stop Gritting Your Teeth: Stress tends to settle in certain parts of our bodies, the jaw being one of them. When things get hectic, try this tip from Dr. Cooper: Place your index fingertips on your jaw joints, just in front of your ears; clench your teeth and inhale deeply. Hold the breath for a moment, and as you exhale say, “Ah-h-h-h,” then unclench your teeth. Repeat a few times.  For more information on clenching and grinding your teeth my dental cleanings were painful!

4. Sleep on it:  Can’t decide, every coin has two sides and every issue has both pros and cons. List them both then put the list away and take a second look tomorrow. Sometimes “sleeping on it” changes the minuses to pluses.

5. Final Tip: Why not give the nurturing experience of massage? A gift For her, let’s face it, she’s tired of flowers or chocolate and who can buy diamonds every time they want to say, “I love you”? A gift For him, he has every tool and he is probably thinking to himself, please not another tie! He works hard, plays harder, but doesn’t take the time to take care of himself.

Just think did Hippocrates have it right?  “A wise man ought to realize that health is his most valuable possession.” Hippocrates, the “Father of Modern Medicine”.

Some people think of massage as a luxury and, while it can be luxurious, it should not be reserved for just that. So what exactly would you giving them?

It feels good, and it’s good for you, relaxing muscles, boosting immune response, lowering blood pressure, and easing depression. It’s an ideal therapy for stress management, or simply to encourage relaxation.

Therapeutic massage is a gift to both body and soul. An important component of self-care, this compassionate support for your body can sustain you through difficult experiences and facilitate healing when used as an adjunct to medical treatment.

I hope these tips help you and keep you sane. Have a happy and safe holiday.


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