It’s the little pleasure that make a difference!

It's the little pleasure in Life

I was taking my dogs out for a long walk which is something I love to do and lately I use the time to think of creative ways to communicate in this new world of social networking.

While I was walking and thinking surprisingly both can be done at the same time. I was trying to come up with another subject for my blog and realized how much I enjoy writing this blog. I truly, appreciate the education and experience I’ve had. This blog has given me the voice to spread the word about Massage so you can make informed choices. 

I find it stimulating , I sense the juices flowing in my brain. What is this, what am I sensing? Oh, that’s right it’s exercising my brain! Thinking of subjects, how to word them to be concise, making it informative and relevant to you. Of course, it’s mental exercise, this helps grow new neurons, maintain memory and motor skills in tact. Mental stimulation improves brain function and actually protects against cognitive decline.  I already know physical exercise does this but was pleasantly reminded that it can be the smallest details that keeps me healthy.  I am not making any physical effort only brain power and I enjoy doing it

It’s the little pleasure that make a difference, why not have fun when using the old noggin?

* Find the inner Van Gogh, try painting, join a class.

* Play a board game with your family, scrabble or do a crossword puzzle.

* Don’t just watch dancing with the stars on tv, take a ball room class and take the challenge.

* Learn a new language, I am always trying to learn my husband’s language and trying to remember the words is challenging.

Take time to smell the roses, step back and notice what get’s your brain juices flowing, what is it that you enjoy about it  and does it put a smile on your face. In a small way you are making a difference that impacts your health in a big way!

What kind of brain exercise do you practice?


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